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Tom Brady: The Hair has Spoken

Maybe some of you saw the Patriots vs. Steelers game last night.

Tom Brady aka The Hair had a bunch of riled up words for his teammates, which made me realize in a deep and moving way that I really don’t like him. (More than before.) Way too much ‘tude!

THIS clip from the NFL pundits shows basic analyses of the game; and shows Brady’ hissy fit about halfway through. They call it “Leadership”. Um. Nope. That can’t be it exactly.

I would like to offer a correction: Tom Brady is a diva.

Dear Brady,
you should know that the Shrek franchise phoned, and they want the Charming character back on set.

The first one, isn't Brady, or is it?

Steeler fan or not, I am not Charmed, by him.

What are your thoughts on Brady?