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87 second cartoon on this Whacky Wednesday

(Yes, I’ll keep my day job.)



today, I'm an underwhelming cartoonist



Can Your Soul Fit into a Mailbox?


One of the most popular posts to date


Everyday a few people find this post I did involving mailboxes and the human soul.

Think: Mad Magazine meets COSMO, in a quiz mashup.

Have fun and enjoy it here.

That’s today’s Triple Dog Dare.

MUST SEE: Grover does the Old Spice Ad



Mcdonald’s FAIL

I don’t really have words for this one, but maybe you can help me.

(Thanks to Ginna Bartlett and her photo skills)


WORST McDonald's food ever! (tastes like crap.)


Welcome to Triple Dog Dare

Rather than have just a facebook page, this enterprise has expanded into its own site.

Your 1st Triple Dog Dare is to identify 5 or more things that are whack in this picture.

Darcel gets all the ladies, that's right.