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Finally a gift Christian Kids will REALLY like!

Yes. Attract the right kind of attention, because HS is so fun!

Wouldn’t your kids LOVE this for Christmas?

(A Christian group are promoting these shirts.)
God, help us.

So-called “Rape of Dinah” story as a lego scene. Just don’t do it.

The creator of the Brick Testament relies fully on a very poor…I repeat: A very poor translation of the Bible to be shocking. Don’t think I’d let my kiddos play at his house. um. ever. He enjoys constructing and photographing the most graphic and/or violent stories of the Bible.

Why? I’m actually hoping to interview him to hear it from him, but I’m guessing it’s probably just because he can. This type of building with legos is probably quite entertaining when you have an 11 year old type of brain, coupled with the heart of a bitter old man.


If you like to better understand this troubling passage click here:



FYI This tends to make a crappy sunday school story for kids.

Mcdonald’s FAIL

I don’t really have words for this one, but maybe you can help me.

(Thanks to Ginna Bartlett and her photo skills)


WORST McDonald's food ever! (tastes like crap.)


Introducing jobless “Jimmy” our furry rodent friend

Jimmy needs a job.

Give Jimmy some ideas for his resume. Some of his Skillz are shown here (slideshow).

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Welcome to Triple Dog Dare

Rather than have just a facebook page, this enterprise has expanded into its own site.

Your 1st Triple Dog Dare is to identify 5 or more things that are whack in this picture.

Darcel gets all the ladies, that's right.